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Can You Put Neosporin Near A Cats Eye

Wipe your cats eye down with a moist warm cosmetic pad (squeeze excess water out), and swipe some Neosporin over the lid. 3 times a day is optimal. Always clean the cats eye before applying to rid of excess discharge & old Neosporin traces. Do not buy Neosporin with any added pain relievers or extras. Keeping your cat's first aid kit stocked with Neosporin may not be recommended, but there are certainly plenty of supplies that you can and should.

Cats will often have conjunctivitis associated with upper respiratory diseases or other viral infections. I would just use a warm damp cloth to clean the area around his eyes and you can use eye wash (saline) to clean the eyes.. But don't apply medication not made for use in eyes as they may contain some ingredients that can be harmful.


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